About Us

Clothing brand for those who are tired of representing companies that do not represent them. Trendy yet subtle lifestyle sport wear for believers and those who challenge the status quo.

Let us continue the Great Commission. Let's build an army of the Lord. People in all areas and all aspects of life united under one banner, the cross of Christ. One Christ. Christ alone. Sola_Christos.

The Sola_Christos logo is a variation we created from the Five Solae, the five pillars of the Protestant Reformation. Properly known as Solus Christus - In Christ Alone of Acts 4, is what we choose as our unifying banner for our product line. 

MyOnlyFearisGOD isn’t simply an acknowledgment of fear, love, and admiration for the Lord God, yet also a rallying cry for all those who run boldly into new challenges. For the believer, there is nothing to fear. The Sola_Christos logo is a banner to take with you into bold new directions. The logo focuses on Christ Alone or 1 Christ. Plan, then calculate, then execute. Conquer your fears!!

10% of purchase goes towards Christian based organizations and charities such as The Bible Project, World Vision, and Voice of the Martyr.




Please send an email to customer service at myonlyfearisgod@gmail.com.  Provide the reason and details of your return.  Each item is custom made upon order so returns/refunds will be at our discretion. Along with the receipt all returns must be unworn, unwashed and undamaged. Upon receiving return approval we will send the return address to you and how to proceed. We aim to fulfill all your needs.

Thank you for your business!